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Dear Readers!

Today, I’d like you to read my post on the following subjects:

  • My experience with Nike after signing up for an email newsletter
  • The mail designed for Fee Dan, a company in the fashion industry, the plan for obtaining a list of contacts and measuring the results of the email
  • The brief summary on about email marketing

My experience with Nike

Last week, on signing up for an email newsletter, I was immediately confirmed and greeted with a kind message from Nike. At the same time, I subscribed to Google Alerts and Facebook for the same company. What is interesting, I have not got any news or emails from the company at all! On the other side, I have had a newsletter each day from the Google Alerts-Nike informing about stock prices on various Nike’s products and different news. Yesterday I wrote a letter of complaint to Nike concerning this matter. Actually, I was really surprised as I had not expected such a negligence from Nike, one of the biggest marketing giants in the world!

The email for Fee Dan


Fee Dan is a fashion brand focusing on tailor-made haute couture in addition to a pret-a-porter collection. This brand is a new one and has been on the way to create a brand awareness worldwide and catch the attention of the potential buyers. So that, taking into attention the main objective of the company, it was decided to create a mail presenting the brand and its new collection for Fall-Winter 2016-2017 collection.



 Subject: Discover how the quality meets with convenient prices and style!

Dear Madam, Sirs,

I hope this email finds you well. Hence, I have the immense pleasure of presenting Fee Dan, a fashion brand focusing on tailor-made haute couture in addition to a pret-a-porter collection. Our brand is very excited on presenting its new Fall-Winter 2016-2017 collection, an “Oriental Breeze”, where luxury mingles with culture, thus giving birth to an exceptional and breathtaking style.

 Fee Dan has combined everything women need in their daily lives in one collection. Fee Dan, who is not afraid of colors although her graceful character, caters her collection for women who exhibit their sophisticated side with a fun side. Fee Dan harmonizes oriental breezes with clear lines and forms a modern touch with her new collection.

The young designer of the brand Fee Dan Fidan Alakbarli  has come forward with her patterns yet again in the Fall/Winter 16 17 collection Oriental Breeze. The far east hand fan patterns that stand out in her designs are the key to the new collection. The main colors of the collection are bright lively colors like green, violet and camel tones. The Fall-Winter 2016 collection that is the savior of sophisticated women is gathered with clear lines that form a modern design. Fee Dan for the first time for this new collection has designed fur coats were geometric designs and patterns play an important role.

 Please, visit our website You just need to discover how the quality meets with convenient prices and style!

 Best Regards,

 Fee Dan


The plan to obtain a list of contacts

 As the brand is focusing on tailor-made haute couture in addition to a pret-a-porter collection in addition to small production quantity, the contact list will consist of the concept showrooms, small boutiques interested in sales of new luxury brands, and the “brand rooms” and stores. The contact will be searched through the google search tool (for instance: concept showrooms, brand rooms, luxury boutiques etc.) and purchasing the lists of the related stores and companies from the local Chambers of Commerce. In addition, the followers of the brand’s Instagram, Facebook, and website establish a good base for obtaining the contacts as well.

The plan to measure the results of the email

There are several ways to evaluate the results of the email. The brand can measure the results by:

  • The number of the orders placed after sending an email
  • The change in number of subscribers
  • The change in number of the followers in social media channels
  • The amount of phone calls regarding the email
  • The number of feedback letters from companies and stores


6 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Important for Your Internet Marketing

Yesterday I found an interesting article published in “Inbound Rocket” platform, concerning an email marketing that began with the striking words:

If you’re running a real business, email is still the most effective way to universally reach people who have expressed interest in your product or site. For that, it really can’t be beat.” – Colin Nederkoorn (founder Customer.IO)

The article underlines the importance of the email marketing supporting this statement by providing the reader with an impressive statistical data on the email users all over the world. According to the data, more than 2.5 billion people worldwide use email. The same source predicts that in the next 2 years this number will increase to 2.8 billion. That is fascinating! The author of the article also emphasizes that in spite of the fact that there have been many opposite views on this subject, the email marketing has still remained the most effective marketing and communications device in today’s contemporary marketplace because it is “a very personal way of reaching your target customers” (Inbound Rocket). A business can tailor each email accordingly to the interest of the customer. The article also advocates that in contradiction to social media channels, the email marketing is a better way to convert people into the members or customers. It also defines that by email you can personalize your message where on the social media channels you address your audience as a whole. Moreover, it is the most suggestible way for  small-businesses because of being relatively inexpensive one. The email marketing is also highly measurable as you can track who received it, or how many people subscribe or unsubscribe. The author also talks about some email marketing software that allows for split testing of the emails sent.

I believe that this article highly applies to Nike as this brand is very ambitious concerning the content marketing and interaction with its customers as well. Moreover, as a person negatively empirical in this subject I could just advise Nike to give more importance to email marketing and not to forget that social media channel is a permanent way to attract its customers and their loyalty.

With All My Best Regards










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